Things BIDs Do

Things BIDs Do


  1. Safe: uniformed public and private security personnel, security cameras, providing a forum for all public safety enforcement personnel in the district.
  2. Clean: Street cleaners equipped with various technologies from brooms to street sweepers. Graffiti removal (solvents, paints and power washing).
  3. Marketing: Collective, niche, and new businesses.
  4. Parking: Management, ownership, leasing of parking areas, management of street parking, work with municipality on parking regulation/management, parking signage.
  5. Banner programs celebrating/publicizing events and institutions.
  6. Retail guidance (displays, marketing, promotion).
  7. Event organizing (music, art, dance, parades, contests, restaurant week etc.).
  8. Marketing technology: web, links, social networking, hot spot operations.
  9. Communication: to members, businesses, employees, visitor/customers, public and nonprofit sectors via electronic, newsletters, reports. Providing a forum for district non-profits to share information and coordinate programs and projects.
  10. Advocacy with the public sector. (City, County, State and Federal governments).
  11. Coordination of city services; monthly meetings with city agencies responsible for work in the area (code enforcement street signs, street sweeping, street lighting, parking etc.) to correct deficiencies and keep up with complaints and resolutions of complaints.
  12. Physical planning: area plans, comprehensive planning, strategic planning, zoning studies etc. Demographic and other data collection.
  13. Economic Development: business retention and recruitment, loans and grants, co-marketing of products and real estate opportunities.
  14. Economic Development: Work with businesses to capture business expansions, spin-offs and complementary businesses.
  15. Support employer-assisted housing programs: Good employees make good neighbors and having employees living in the neighborhood can solve a variety of bottom-line business problems.
  16. Workforce development: Job banks, centralizing initial job screening for member employers, sponsorship, organizing and providing sites for customized workforce training in conjunction with community colleges, summer jobs for local youth.
  17. Beautification: flower beds, flower pots and hanging baskets, public art
  18. Parks: maintenance and improvement.
  19. Infrastructure: construct/finance sidewalks, parks, street lighting, transit shelters, public spaces/streetscaping, and façade improvement programs.
  20. Green agenda: recycling, storm water mitigation, education regarding LEED development, conservation programming and education.
  21. Energy: Education, co-marketing and/or purchase of energy and energy services.
  22. Employee services ranging from picking up dry cleaning to operating day cares.
  23. Coordinating intra-district B2B programs: create “retail and commercial “buy local programs.”
  24. Transportation programs ranging from “transit chek” and car pool programs to operating small transit systems.
  25. Coordinating group purchases of everything from paper to employee benefit products.
  26. Business Finance: creating, marketing, co-marketing products designed for local businesses.
  27. Social service outreach: Homeless outreach programs
  28. Recreational opportunities, especially to give kids an alternative to mischief making in the business area.
  29. Volunteer coordination for community cleanups and other events.

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